Throughout his career Seb has supported numerous charities but in 2013 decided he could make more of an impact by launching his own Foundation.  Seb has always been passionate about the global epidemic of physical inactivity and the Foundation was set up with the aim to improve the physical wellbeing of the nation through sport, health, education and science.

In 2014, the Foundation was approached by Cancer Research UK to support the latter’s Create the Change Campaign by raising funds to help finance the building of the Francis Crick Institute at King’s Cross (in which Cancer Research UK is one of the funding partners). The Institute opened in November 2016, as one of the most significant developments in UK biomedical science for a generation.  More than 1,200 of the world’s best scientists now work there. They are finding ways to prevent and improve treatment of the most significant diseases affecting people today, including cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s amongst many others. More information about the Institute can be found on its website

We are delighted to let you know that with your help and support, we have raised nearly £700,000 to fund a laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute which is led by Dr Nate Goehring whose team are investigating the signals that decide when cells mature and grow.  His research will be crucial in using nerve stem cells to treat neurodegenerative diseases which is of particular interest to Seb as his mother died from Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.  Seb and the trustees visited the laboratory and the Francis Crick Institute a few weeks ago to celebrate this achievement with Sir Harpal Kumar, the CEO of Cancer Research UK.

Francis Crick inside

Our partnership with CRUK has just come to an end and we remain committed to supporting the PSP Association but are also looking for other worthwhile causes and charities to support. The Foundation plans to focus in the future on targeting support for specific initiatives fitting within our objectives to improve physical wellbeing of the nation through sport, health, education and science.