Throughout his career Seb has supported numerous charities but in 2013 decided he could make more of an impact by launching his own Foundation.  Seb has always been passionate about the global epidemic of physical inactivity and the Foundation was set up with the aim to improve the physical wellbeing of the nation through sport, health, education and science.

In 2013, the Foundation was approached by Cancer Research UK to support the latter’s Create the Change Campaign by raising funds to help finance the building of the Francis Crick Institute at King’s Cross. The Institute opened in November 2016, as one of the most significant developments in UK biomedical science for a generation.  More than 1,200 of the world’s best scientists now work there. They are finding ways to prevent and improve treatment of the most significant diseases affecting people today, including cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s amongst many others. More information about the Institute can be found on its website

We are delighted to let you know that with your help and support, we have raised nearly £700,000 to fund a laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute which is led by Dr Nate Goehring whose team are investigating the signals that decide when cells mature and grow.



We also raised £50,000 for the Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association.  PSP is a neurological condition caused by the premature loss of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain. Over a period of time this can lead to difficulties with balance, movement, vision, speech and swallowing. There are no simple tests or brain scans for PSP. In its early stages, symptoms can resemble those of other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Stroke or Multiple System Atrophy and misdiagnosis is common.

Seb has a personal motive for helping with fundraising. His mother, Angela, died from PSP in 2005 at the age of 75, just a few weeks before Britain was awarded the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

At our In Conversation Lunch with Bernie Ecclestone in November 2017, we raised £50,000 towards the establishment of The Sebastian Coe Charitable Foundation Award.  This was a new fund to support the work of young researchers undertaking PSP work.


2018 In Conversation Lunch where we raised £50,000 for PSPA

Seb and Bernie Ecclestone at our 2017 Christmas In Conversation lunch.  We raised £50,000 for PSPA


We are currently working in partnership with Greenhouse Sports.  Simply put, Greenhouse Sports uses sports coaching and mentoring to empower young people who are facing disadvantage and help them unlock their full potential. They partner with schools in some of the poorest communities, providing high-quality sports coaches to run full-time coaching and mentoring programmes.  Since 2002, they have worked with over 40,000 young people.

We have been able to donate Greenhouse Sports £100,000 from our fundraising in the past year and we have agreed to work together for another year to help enable young people from some of the most disadvantaged communities in London reach their full potential in 2019 and beyond.


Seb Greenhouse kids

Seb chatting to local primary school children learning to play table tennis at the Greenhouse Centre

Seb interviewing David Cameron for our 2018 In Conversation lunch

Seb interviewing David Cameron at our  In Conversation Lunch in December 2018.  We managed to raise an incredible £60,000 for Greenhouse Sports and £30,000 for Alzheimer’s Research.  David Cameron is President of Alzheimer’s Research


Seb interviewing Sean Fitz-Patrick, Daley Thompson and Steve Cram at our 2018 SCCF Golf Day

Seb interviewing Steve Cram, Daley Thompson and Sean Fitz-Patrick after our inaugural Golf Day at the Grove in May 2018.  Sponsored by Audemars Piguet, we raised £40,000 for Greenhouse Sports.